Visit Maine | Lobster Gifts

November 29, 2017

Visit Maine | Lobster Gifts

If you've ever seen the show on IFC called Portlandia, you know what I mean when I say, "Put a bird on it." That show is about the West Coast Portland, but around Portland here on the East Coast, we have our own version of "Put a bird on it," and it's: "Put a lobster on it!" You can't walk down the lovely cobble stone streets of the Old Portwithout seeing a plethora of items decorated with lobsters: wine glasses, shirts, coasters, placemats, bandanas, dog collars, cat beds, posters, logos, and on and on and I'm not even kidding. And for those of us who happen to be part of a fishing family, fishing community, or some form (however inconsiderable) of a fishing or seafood business, we have received our (more than) fair share of lobster-branded gifts. Trust me when I say that fishing families have seen (and been given) everything that has a lobster on it.

This holiday season, on behalf of all lobster-lovers, I'd like to share a few items that are totally coastal and fishing-related, but lacking that ever-present red lobster clip art. So, if you have a friend who’s a fisherman, you love lobster, or you are just a big fan of Maine (who's not?), then this guide is for you.


I just bought some of this garland and I am more excited than ever to put my tree up this year. I happened upon Cryheartbook while on Twitter one day at work. I immediately emailed Mike and Liz, owners, and asked them how much garland I need for my tree. I went home that night and ordered a bunch and I have never been so in love with lobster rope. Take a look at their website.